Owners Courses

Have you ever considered learning basic massage to maintain your horses’ muscular health in-between bodywork visits from your massage therapist or chiropractor? Most horses can benefit greatly from monthly and bi-weekly preventive bodywork from a professional, but not all owners can afford to provide that frequency. Additionally, some owners live in a rural area that therapists have a hard time servicing, requiring a pricey travel fee.

Unfortunately, there are way more horses that need bodywork than there are bodyworkers! My love for horses has led to helping people help their horses with two Owners Course options: One-on-One and Online


I have put together an owner friendly 1 on 1 instruction for owners to help provide basic massage for their equines! I feel that this is a great opportunity for owners to create better bonds with their horses and really help you understand how their bodies work. This course will help you become more aware of muscular health changes in your equine and how to help relieve them!

Course Details:
  • 3 horses required for the course

    *(for an additional fee we can use more)*(if you
    don’t have access to enough horses, I do)

  • I will provide a packet of instructions and resourceful information(that you keep) that will take about 15:00-20:00 to go over.
  • I will use washable paint pens to draw the pattern on each of the horses for instructional purposes.
  • I will demo the full pattern on the first horse.
  • I will instruct you through the full pattern on the second horse.
  • You will massage the 3rd horse-I will give minimal instruction but be there to keep you on pattern and help when needed.

  • Price: $375/person
  • FULL PAYMENT is required at least 7 days in advance-then you will receive a PDF file with all the course material to become familiar with prior to our meeting.

  • You will sign a waiver acknowledging that this is an owners class ONLY and that this course DOES NOT certify/qualify you to massage other people’s horses for money!
  • For further information about the course or to sign-up please fill out the contact form.

This ISN’T intended to replace professional bodywork but rather complement it!
This course DOES NOT certify you to massage horses professionally but it will indeed give you the basic knowledge necessary to be a part of their bodywork team!


Schaeffer Bodyworks has developed a complete online instruction of basic equine massage for the owner to become part of their horses health and wellness team! In this class you will learn all the same information as you would in my hands-on course but in a format that allows you to learn over time and have unlimited access to instructional videos.

I’m excited to offer this to people near and far! If you’re near, you can contact me for details about an additional hands on visit. Whether you’re near or far, I will always be available to help out and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Course Details:
  • Price: $375/person
  • Create an account and purchase this course by visiting my Thinkific affiliate website.
  • You can check out the first few lessons for FREE to see what you can expect from the course and if it will benefit you and your horse!

This course DOES NOT certify you to massage horses professionally but it will indeed give you the basic knowledge necessary to be a part of their bodywork team!


Services/Instruction from Schaeffer Bodyworks are not meant to replace veterinary medicine. It is recommended that you follow your veterinarian’s advice and follow your veterinarian’s treatment plan. The therapies/instructions provided by Schaeffer Bodyworks do not replace any other forms of bodywork or care but are meant to be complementary support to your current wellness program. We recommend that you consult with your vet prior to changing any part of your horses’ wellness program.

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