THRUSH AKA dirty “buttcrack” of the hoof that can cause some pretty serious hoof/heel pain due to the infection of the soft tissue at the back of the hoof.  Left untreated, thrush can lead to other distal limb dysfunctions and more.


HOOF HEALTH/BALANCE-a healthy hoof is less likely to be prone to thrush. A balanced hoof is generally a healthier hoof.

ENVIRONMENT-a clean dry environment is key. Standing in wet/dirty conditions for long periods without frequent hoof cleaning is NO BUENO.

DIET-diets high in added sugar and starches slow healing process.


after cleaning out all cracks and crevices grab a tube(or a tub)of good ol Desitin diaper rash cream-and stuff/lather all thrushy areas.

Ever seen how hard it is to get that off a baby booty…that’s how well it will stick to/in infected surfaces.

If your buttcrack is deep, push some cotton slivers OR an anti bacterial hoof clay over it to ensure nothing else goes in.


keep the hoof clean of all debris as best as you can and reapply the cream until your crack is closed!


keeping a clean hoof is #1 and a bottle of 50/50 apple cider vinegar/water to spray out all areas of the hoof will help keep any thrush away.



Try a simple coronet band taping to encourage circulation to aid in healing!

always tape bilaterally to prevent uneven hoof growth.

Check out my YouTube playlist for a video on how! I’m happy to share the application video!