I don’t know who needs to hear this-but YOU DONT HAVE TO…
+ALLOW any peer or professional make you feel “less than” in any way EVER.
It has become more and more common in the competitive equine community to have professionals that are in the business for themselves-not you and not your horse.
If ANY(one) or professional that is on your team is demanding that they be the one to make the choices pertaining to your horse outside of the service they provide…be aware-this approach will become toxic.
Know the difference between suggesting help and scolding you for not getting the help “they” deem the best-or to question overall concerns you have about YOUR horses well being.
+NEVER allow one of these people to disrespect you as a fellow professional especially.
If an environment is toxic-the energy will absolutely affect YOUR energy and the effectiveness of your service.
Speaking up for yourself and making changes personally or professionally can be SUPER scary-but there is no amount of competition win or professional profit that should rob you of the joy these animals bring us.
To the pro’s that are proving you’re not all the same..
The ones that I’ve personally witnessed create 180 degree changes in people’s confidence..
Provide a safe place for people and horses to be vulnerable…
Being open minded to growth…
Thank you🫶🏻💜
Rest assured that we were all born with gut instincts for a reason and more often than not-they’re correct, even when all the “experts” around you disagree.
Never hesitate to be YOU and YOUR HORSES best advocate.
Myself and a handful of brilliant friends are hosting wonderful clinics that will help you get a “feel” for what your horse may need that I’m happy to share the details of!